“There is much difference between us and ourselves as between us and others”-- Michel de Montaigne“

 We live in an exceedingly complex and difficult world that requires a new level of leadership to respond to today’s challenges. 

Leadership development seminars and programs have proliferated in response to this recognized need and yet, we continue to witness leadership failures at an alarming rate.  While some programs are worthwhile, most focus primarily on skills development but fail to take a holistic approach to developing the leader.  I believe that true leadership development requires development of the whole person – it’s not just what you do; it’s who you are that matters.

Research from many fields – developmental psychology, counseling, business and public policy – demonstrates that people develop increased leadership capacity over decades. This maturation is predictable along a series of what we call “Leader Developmental Levels (LDL).”  In my own scientific research, I have discovered that leaders at higher Leader Levels are significantly more effective at leading their organizations.  In this morning session we will differentiate poor leaders from good leaders and from good leaders to great leaders.  Emphasis will be placed on growing your leadership capability and learning to lead where others are.   

My talks focus on the vital importance of developing yourself and others in the context of increasing organizational complexity.  l use cases, exercises and videos showing the range of Leader Levels creating participant discussion.  The key learning points are to lead where others are and not where you are and that leader level growth requires engaging in conflict and contradiction. 

What to Expect

An intellectually stimulating experience that helps leaders at all levels understand how effective leaders think strategically.

A high impact “mental template” that allows the leader to consciously evaluate her own behavior and that of people around her in terms of leadership levels.

Accelerate the personal development of leaders.  Provide a framework for learning how to lead effectively across stakeholders and constituencies.

Learn how to help individual high potentials develop their skills and talents to achieve the exemplary level of performance through effective coaching and mentoring.

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